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Quality Fish &
Organic Farm

New Age

Organic &
Quality Fish Farm

New Age

Organic Vegetables

Regarding organic farm, we are passionate in running our organic farm. In producing the best possible produces for the consumption of our clients, we strictly adhere to the principles of organic farming by re-using, re-cycling and reducing wastage to lower its carbon footprint.

Fish Farm

Regarding our quality fish farm, we are an accredited fish farm registered under the Accredited Fish Farms Scheme operated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservations Department of the Hong Kong Government.  We breed and farm our Jade Perch, which is originated from Queensland, Australia.

Jade Perch is confirmed to be of a very high nutritional value, and its OMEGA 3S contents are 3 times of that of a salmon. Its meat is tender and with no tiny stints, and it suitable for Asian and Western cuisines

Koi Farm

Regarding our Koi farm, we farm our Koi from famous Japanese species and provide professional advice on design, build and maintenance of fish pond.

By combining the farming of quality and ornamental fishes and organic farming, the concept of Aquaponic is born.

Self - Farming
Weekends and Sundays Market

Self-farming scheme will be rolled out bi-annually in April and November each year. Participants will be able to have a thorough understanding of organic farming and to produce their own organic produces. Interested party, please contact us.

We operate our Weekend and Sunday Market at our farm between 0900 and 1700 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. You are welcome to visit us and enjoy a pleasant and leisure shopping at our farm, a truly unique farm shopping experience.

Private Party Facilities

We have dedicated facilities to cater for private party for up to 30 people. For enquiries, please contact us on 5132-0922.

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